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Cole Service Project

Posted on Dec 1 2011 - 4:29pm

In the process of the restoration of these areas, We relocating native plants from undamaged areas into the areas that need restoring, and cleaned up trash in the area as well. This was done by splitting the volunteers who are helping with the project into two groups. One group was responsible for harvesting the plants from undamaged areas and transporting them to the damaged areas using shovels and wheelbarrows, while the second group was responsible for re-planting the vegetation into the damaged areas that are being restored.

At the end, the intent of the project is to restore areas of the Forest into their original, “natural states”, and hopefully, this was achieved by my project, and will continue to contribute to the area for years to come.


Will be restoring a designated area near the Four Peaks wilderness area. In the Tonto National Forest that has been damaged by unauthorized use given to me by the Mesa Ranger District. These areas include those that have been used by people for purposes not intended for the area, often with motorized vehicles.


It will make the area that is being restored more suitable for those who wish to use it within the constraints of the law. Especially for those in the surrounding community, it will allow people to carry on activities in the area such as bicycling, dispersed camping, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, nature viewing, and outdoor learning.

 It will also allow for the Mesa Ranger District to achieve the results they desire for their areas, which include:

•   providing quality recreation

•   maintaining healthy watersheds

•   improving riparian areas

•   enhancing the Sonoran desert

The general environment of the area will be benefited in that it will be allowed to thrive more prosperously and healthily through the re-vegetation of areas that have been damaged. By cleaning up and re-populating these areas, they should be able to sustain an adequate amount of growth well into the future.

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Reavis Ranch Trail Backpacking Trip

Posted on Oct 31 2011 - 9:07am

Take a look at the photos of the boys durring their trip to Reavis Ranch.
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PJ Eagle Project (See Photo Album)

Posted on Aug 26 2011 - 4:25pm

To read the Ahwatukee Republic artical on PJ's Eagle project.
Click on the above blue PJ Eagle Project (See Photo Album) header
Scroll down to PJ Eagel Write up and click on it.  It will open in a PDF.

Camp Geronimo ( See Photo Album)

Posted on Aug 14 2011 - 9:16pm

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